Lottery Winners Double Their Money and Become Millionaires

lottery jackpot

Tom Crist and his family are some of the lucky people who have benefited from the massive lottery jackpots. This is a case of one lucky man doubling his money and becoming a millionaire. Tom had lost his wife to cancer two years before winning, but he had saved money and had adult children who were doing well. Instead of taking the money, Tom donated the entire lump sum to a cancer charity in Calgary. His generosity is not a coincidence: Lottery winnings in Canada are not taxed, so many people have been able to spend their prize on helping others.

But despite her hardships, Cynthia P. Stafford has managed to turn her dream into a reality. She purchased 20 Pick 4 tickets with the same numbers, and also meditated and visualized herself winning the $112 million jackpot. She was able to win her prize three years later, and credits the law of attraction and prayer for her great luck. She used her prize money to solve her family’s financial problems, starting a film company.

The lottery is a good source of income, but it can also be a drain on a person’s income. Almost all lottery players are from lower socioeconomic classes, and retailers make their money from commissions on tickets. As a result, they cash in when someone else buys one of their winning tickets. And even though the lottery jackpot is large, the lottery can also be a source of great stress for some people. The only people who are guaranteed to become multimillionaires are those who have good luck.