How to Spot a Gambling Addiction

gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is a serious problem affecting many people. It can ruin careers, relationships, and personal finances and cause health issues such as stress and depression. It can also be difficult to overcome, but many others have done so and can offer advice and support.

It can be hard to spot a gambling addiction because there are no physical signs like those of a drug or alcohol addiction. This means that people may not realise they have a problem, or even be aware that they do. In addition, with the increased accessibility of online casinos and betting apps it can be easier to hide a gambling problem than ever before.

Those closest to the gambler can often feel neglected as they spend their time on their devices. They can also become very angry or defensive when confronted about their behaviour, especially if they are in denial about the issue. It’s important to try to remain calm when discussing the issue with them and explain how you are worried about their behaviour.

If you are able to have an intervention with the person concerned, it’s important to make sure that the conversation is held in private and everyone involved is safe. During this time you can work together to make a plan that helps them quit gambling, such as creating an inventory of debts and dealing with them or exploring underlying problems that are causing the addiction. You can also help them to find a peer support group such as GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous, which offers local, telephone and online help.